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Building a Techno Set Day 11 (1st Performance)

Here’s some excerpts from my experimental Techno Set at The World Beyond. I was questioning whether to post this as several unexpected things went wrong, however that is part of the game and I believe it would be interesting to anyone following the series. I worked my hardest to improv some techno with about 20% of the tools I prepared available, and people seemed to like it! Thanks so much to the World Beyond crew for their help and assistance while helping me madly trying to get things working, I don’t think I could have actually played if it wasn’t for your awesome help. If you’re interested in what went wrong: a) My Macbook died a few days before the set, meaning I had to spend a day purchasing a new computer and migrating. This left me a day short so I was unable to get to the venue early to setup. This might not sound so bad, but I had quite a complicated setup (including all the stuff to try and stream) and setting up while the party is in full motion makes things made things much more difficult. b) My special custom Max for Live patch (the centerpiece of this whole thing) became completely corrupted a few hours before I had to leave (for the geeks, something glitched and it threw a random bunch of characters in my AMXD file, totally corrupting the json), so I had to roll back and try to recreate a lot of the features in a very short amount of time, unfortunately it didn’t work as planned and I was basically unable to use it during the set. c) At the event, there were some very strange conflicting issues happening with my controllers, resulting in me not able to use the Push 2 properly until the very end. Not being able to trigger clips or change the synthesizer parameters with the Push meant I had to do everything via the Trackpad, which was extremely hard in a hot sweaty pumping club. I suspect that my USB3 hub was not getting enough power. I did test this at home, but for some reason at the event they just kept conflicting. Sometimes I could use the Push, sometimes the Launchcontrols, sometimes just one… this made me unable to do the epic buildups and drops how I wanted, but I managed in other ways (thanks reverb and cuttoff!) d) Streaming! We did 3 separate speed tests the days leading up to the event, all showing 9/10 Mbps upload, totally enough to stream - however on the night this snapped down to the decimal places. I tried to stream a few times (if anyone caught a few glitchy frames) but in the end gave up and hit record instead. Perhaps a full club affects the signal… perhaps it was just prime time Saturday night internet traffic… I am not sure why this one happened. f) Brainwaves - Unfortunately all of this chaos meant I had to drop the brainwave machine from controlling drones and parameters like it should. I simply didn’t have enough time to get that working. No excuses. Next Time. Anyway, I’ll be doing a live stream video on all this, fixing things, some more improvements, how to prepare for it in the future etc soon…. followed by a live stream from my home of the set with everything working this weekend. Live Stream Event Link -

ill Gates Tutorials

Free Sample of: How To Make A Hit - Unsung Heroes Workshop

Full 4 Hour Workshop: Learn how to make a hit with chart topping producers ill.Gates + KJ Sawka.These two hold nothing back as they share all of the tips, tricks and production secrets that went into their Beatport Glitch Hop + Dubstep #1 ‘Unsung Heroes’. After demonstrating their skills in an epic MIDI Battle ill.GATES + KJ Sawka take you inside their project and walk you through the creative process step by step.If you want to take your music to the next level this workshop is a must.Subjects Include: – Unblocking Your Creativity – Staying Focused and Motivated – Finishing More Music – Songwriting 101 – Hacking Music Theory with MIDI Plugins + Sampling – Arrangement and Workflow – Mastering Percussion – Advanced Audio Editing – Achieving The Perfect Mix – Integrating Maschine, Push and Other Hardware – Next Level Live Performance and MIDI Battling

Ableton Push Tutorials

An Introduction to Ableton Push 2 Jumpstart

ENTER TO WIN: Warp Academy is giving away a Sonarworks Reference 3 Speaker Calibration Kit in July 2017, enter here: Learn more about Ableton Push 2 Jumpstart here: When a musical idea pops into your head, it’s important that technology doesn’t get in the way. Computers can help you create rich and diverse sounds, but it’s an instrument that can truly help to you to capture your inspiration. Push gives you the best of everything. Push is an instrument that gives you everything you need to make music in one place, right at your fingertips. This powerful and expressive instrument gives you access to an unlimited world of music making possibilities! Ableton Push 2 Jumpstart is a brand new course built from the ground up by our newest trainer at Warp Academy, Ableton Certified Trainer, Brian Funk, aka. AfroDJMac. In Ableton Push 2 Jumpstart, you get a comprehensive look at the ultimate way to integrate Push 2 and Live. After taking Ableton Push 2 Jumpstart, you’ll know the Push inside and out. You’ll be more productive with your time in the studio and have the confidence to flex the full potential of this music making machine! Learn more about Ableton Push 2 Jumpstart here:

Kill Paris – Ableton Tutorials