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Waves Manny Marroquin Distortion is a very nice sounding distortion plugin by Waves that has a nice analog like sound that works good on drums, including kicks.

Some distortion plugins always try to take the sound to insane levels, but that is not always needed. The benefit of this distortion is that the controls are very simple: direct lvl, drive (distortion amount) and dist lvl are the main controls.

However, you can further shape the sound with an envelope section consisting of attack and release. For example, you can set the attack higher for the distortion to kick in more slowly if needed.

A handy EQ section is also added to shape the overall tone without the need to add yet another EQ plugin in the chain. Keeps things easy and fast!

The graphical interface is easy on the eyes. Really a great tool if you want to beef up a sound.

Check this nice video produced by Fly Guy J in which he explains his tips and tricks for 808 kicks. You’ll learn how this plugin can make your 808’s stand out in the mix quickly. He’ll show you the result within the context of an overall track, and then solo’d so you can really hear how it affects the sounds.

Want this plugin? Head over to Waves to check it out now.

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