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Berlin-based techno artist Luca Draccar releases his next body of work ‘419’. An ode to one night stands, ‘419’ is a numerical anagram for just that.

Encompassing true Draccar traits, the EP is brooding, futuristic and experimental. Exploring the passion and intensity of short-lived romances, ‘419’ expresses this through Draccar’s sonic vision. ‘Dadaism’ is a sensual synth track, positioned over abstract four to the floor beats and fragmented guitar, while ‘Lippen’ has an undercurrent of foreboding; intimate whisperings contrast with robotic vocals full of suspense. ‘Vagabondage’ experiments with synthesizers and sequencers, playful with avant-garde percussive sounds. The driving rhythms and dynamic repetition throughout the songs, seem as if they are chasing something. Pursuing a thousand sunsets, in search of that one perfect night. The 419.

Recently releasing his EP ‘Soul Grabber,’ Luca Draccar developed his love for techno music in the haze of Italy’s nightlife, DJing in clubs throughout the city of Milan, before embarking on a musical journey to Berlin.

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