Luca Draccar


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Suspenseful, gritty and intoxicating, techno artist Luca Draccar returns with his latest release ‘Supreme Emptiness.’ Climbing a summit that does not exist, Draccar steps into the void of emptiness to captivate listeners through atmospheric and electrifying soundscapes.

With each track lasting 5 minutes, the 4-track EP is heavily influenced by industrial beats, exotic layers of synthesizers and sequencers, while growling whispers linger in the dark. ‘Change Your Self’ is a mantra, weaving through dramatic textures, and ethereal backing vocals, while ‘Mind and Soul’ has a dream-like quality thanks to a delay on the bright piano and psychedelic electric guitar. ‘Move On’ builds tension and anticipation with chromatic instrumentation and unrestrained bass lines. ‘Let It Slide, Let It Bleed’ is abrasive and dangerous, supported by a rapper’s flow, swamped in ambient delay.

Born in Italy, Luca Draccar has built himself a techno following by performing in the nightclubs of Milan. Amassing 16,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone, he now lives in Berlin working on innovative projects.


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