Hi Avaion, please tell our readers a little bit about your background.

Hello, everyone, my name is AVAION and I am a 24 year old producer, singer and songwriter from Germany. Since my early childhood I always dreamed of reaching the world with my music. I started to learn instruments and later to teach myself how to produce my own songs.

What is your favorite piece of hardware gear to work with and why?

My top 3 most used and most important Hardware are my Headphones (DT 990 pro), my Midi controller (AKAI MPK 249) and my Microphone (Sennheiser Mk 4).

Is there a specific VST plugin that radically changed your workflow?

I recently purchased the FabFilter Bundle and I have to say this changed my workflow. Normally I would use stock plugins for de-essing or EQ, but using the FabFilter stuff changed everything. 

FabFilter Total Bundle

More information on the FabFilter Total Bundle here.

Check out the individual FabFilter plugins here.

Do you have a specific process when it comes to creating tracks? For instance, do you start with a beat or with a melody?

I always start with melodies. Sometimes I play some guitar chords to get inspired or Jam on the Midi with different sounds that could fit into the song I want to create. 

How do you approach space in production as it relates to delays and reverbs?

I always do it individually depending on the song and the mood. Some vocals require more wide, others should be more dry in the foreground 

Which aspect of music production do you feel you excel at?

I would say that I am best at making a lot out of a little. By that I mean keeping my songs as simple as possible but still creating a sense of richness with vocals or musical parts.

Your best advice to get that kick drum pounding?

I use parallel compression on my Kicks to keep them at a constant level, so they don’t get dominated by other sounds. 

Out of all the productions you have made, what would be your personal favorite?

My personal favorite at the moment is ‘I don’t know why“. I absolutely love the outcome of this song and the whole vibe. I love how the vocals and the melodies work in perfect harmony. 

What is the best advice you have for other producers in the game?

Create your own sound and style and stay true to it. Grow with your style and your personality and try to build a network! But rule number 1: NEVER GIVE UP! 

Is there anything else you would like to share?

My new song ‘Same Vibes’ came out recently. It’s a different vibe to what I do normally. I used a lot of analogue Instruments in it and gave the whole song a huge summer vibe. I think it’s perfect for the summer times and I hope you guys enjoy it as well! Listen here.

Thanks again for doing this interview.

Thank you for inviting me.

For more information:

facebook.com/DjAvaion | www.instagram.com/avaiion

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