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Promoted Post BannerDavid Forbes, a mastermind hailing from Scotland, has made significant contributions to the music scene as a DJ, producer, and owner of a record label over the span of approximately 25 years. Regarded as one of the most esteemed, adaptable, and consistently impressive producers in the UK, Forbes has garnered admiration from industry giants such as Armin van Buuren, Dave Parkinson and Mark Sherry for his extensive musical knowledge and diverse range of styles in production and sound design. In the nineties, Forbes initially delved into the world of alternative music through the hardcore scene. However, it was with his debut formal record, “Questions (Must Be Asked),” that this Scottish artist made a transformative impact on the trance music landscape.

Unlike many early trance artists who transitioned from the declining hardcore scene of the late nineties, David Forbes took a different path. Two decades ago, he drew inspiration from Paul Oakenfold and his Goa-oriented Perfecto Fluoro label. Since that moment Forbes has remained committed to his edgy tech-trance beats, evolving his musical direction toward a faster, harder, and slightly more wicked sound. For the past decade, Forbes has not only been a driving force but also the creative mind behind the
Aria Digital label.

If you’re a follower of David, you’ll notice his joy towards remixing tracks from his fellow artists. This time David decided to experiment with the track by Ciaran McAuley and Audrey Gallagher. In the case of “Armour” and Black Hole Recordings, Forbes chose to infuse his signature tech trance style and increase the tempo, gearing it up for the forthcoming global festivals where he is a frequent performer. For those who are already familiar with the style that defines David’s projects this remix will feel comfortably attractive, keeping the melody as its core element. And this is why we love David Forbes. You can now check Armour remix, available now on all streaming platforms: https://blackhole.lnk.to/armourremix

David Forbes r


01. Ciaran McAuley & Audrey Gallagher – Armour (David Forbes Remix)
02. Ciaran McAuley & Audrey Gallagher – Armour (David Forbes Extended Mix)


Learn more about David Forbes and Ciaran McAuley below:

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Ciaran McAuley Instagram SoundCloud

Black Hole Recordings

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