Singer/Songwriter Sheena Osman from Toronto, Canada releases her 2nd single, a deep/future house track, which has kind of become the anthem for the world we’re living in during this pandemic and is the inspiration behind this song.

Being on lockdown, she felt the need to express how she is currently feeling living with the ‘new normal.’

“I wanted to make a track about the current state of our world,” said Osman. “Because of the pandemic, most of us are on lockdown. This has created social isolation, mental health issues, etc. I am currently on lockdown and working from home full-time and not hanging out with friends anymore. It’s tough dealing with the fact this is our new normal. I wanted to make a track that would resonate with everyone.”

Osman initially wanted to write a song about the 9-5 work life and feeling the need to escape the daily mundane routine. As with many artists, she works a day job and pursues her passion for music on the side. So, her original intent of the song was to make it about wanting to go on a vacation to a tropical island.

Often working long hours, she finds it difficult at times to feel motivated and inspired. Balancing a corporate career and her life as a recording artist is a challenge on its own, but she is determined to make a name for herself in the EDM industry.

But as the pandemic persisted, the song she was writing, started to take on a much deeper meaning.

She hopes this track will give people a sense of hope during this difficult time.

“We all feel the need to ‘escape’ to something better. I wanted to create an uplifting track during these hard times and to let people know that we are all in this together and that better days are ahead.”

Escape is available on all streaming platforms:
Escape (

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